What is a soundscape:

Put simply it is an immersive experience that is delivered using various Gongs and other complementary instruments, a practise that is often referred to as sound healing due to the many benefits that mind body and spirit are exposed to during a session. The experience can be very wide ranging and quite different on each occasion, what is certain, you will benefit from the experiences, each session invokes positive and necessary change, sometimes imperceivable and on other occasions quite profound and outstanding.

You can either experience a soundscape as a “one on one” participant or in a group.

As a “one on one” participant you will be asked to either lay down on a very comfortable base similar to a futon mattress or a couch, however, if this is not possible for you, you can sit comfortably in a chair.

A group soundscape will usually take place in a carefully chosen venue such as a retreat environment or a well located and equipped hall or conference facility, prepared for the event.

Preparing yourself for a soundscape:

The following is really important as a soundscape cannot be paused for a late arrival.

Please arrive on time or a little early, preferably at least 10 minutes before the time when the soundscape is due to start. Late arrivals will not be admitted as the disruption will spoil the experience for the other attendees.

To fully benefit from the experience you are asked to bring a base to lay on, ideally a single futon mattress or a reasonably thick foam mattress or multiple yoga mats, a warm blanket, a comfortable pillow and warm socks. For many an eye mask/pillow really helps but is not essential. The base is critical to maximise the experience!

Water, you will require a drink, ideally water, to have at the end of the soundscape.

A minimum of one hour will be allowed for a treatment session, with an additional 5-10 minutes of silence at the end of the vibrational part of the session and a little grounding time to ensure full reorientation before leaving.

Please wear comfortable clothing.

It is advisable not to have a heavy meal before attending, at most a light snack.

You will be asked to get yourself comfortable and warm in readiness for the immersion.

Some soundscapes will provide a good range of comfort equipment which will be advised at the event booking stage.

These preparations will promote a sense of ease and comfort which will help you to relax and be fully ready to receive all the benefits of the sound and vibrations.

The instruments used within the sound immersion field are as follows:

  • Gongs of many different sizes and styles
  • Hand-pans and steel tongue drums
  • Himalayan/Tibetan singing bowls, which are hand hammered out of different metals.
  • Crystal singing bowls, which are made out of quartz crystal and can be tuned to different notes .
  • Tuning forks that are tuned to a specific note or frequency.
  • Rain sticks and ocean drums
  • Chimes
  • Native American and bamboo flutes
  • Shamanic drums and didgeridoos
  • Bells, rattles and shakers
  • Tambura
  • Occasionally, the voice used for chanting, mantra, singing and harmonic toning.
  • Binaural beats.
  • To name but a few!

Possible effects of a soundscape:

When used in the right way by a properly trained and qualified practitioner there are many potential benefits, most frequently you will experience a deep relaxation leading to a very wide range of possible benefits, many participants reporting extensive and positive effects on their mind body and spirit.

Example of possible benefits:

  • increase in energy
  • improved moods
  • mental clarity
  • better sleep
  • increased creativity, this is because the vibrations/frequencies created in a sound healing immersion can have an effect on the nervous system, helping to rebalance and release toxins
  • deep relaxation or even send you to sleep!

These effects are due to the release of melatonin, serotonin, dopamine and oxytocin, enabling toxins to start to shift, assisting everything within your body and mind to come back into balance.

Brainwaves can also be altered to a slower/lower rate by lowering the frequency ie:- alpha, theta and even delta, this is also what puts us into a different state of being, it can allow access to deeper levels of inner wisdom, visions and insights or put us into a very deep sleep, depending on how low our brain frequency has dropped.

The resonance can help the nervous system, specifically the Auditory nerve, Trigeminal nerve and the Vagus nerve which will have different healing effects on the body and energy system.

It can help emotional release by having an effect on the limbic system of the brain therefore bringing emotions back into balance.

The soothing vibrations of the sound can help release stress, anxiety and tension, it can encourage deep steady breathing and calm meditative states, it can also help to lower blood pressure and uplift you! These  are all positive healing benefits for the overall well-being of the participant(s).

The use of the gong as a lone sound healing instrument can be a very powerful tool, its sound and vibrations can create all of the above benefits and positively complemented by the use of other acoustic tools leading in and out of the main sound and vibration immersion period.

Sound and vibration unquestionably invokes very deep spiritual presence and has been used for hundreds if not thousands of years across many different cultures for many different reasons.

Soundscapes are not always the same, in fact, from session to session there can be considerable variances. A sound immersion can be given by playing just one gong or a number of different gongs at the same time, this is because the voice of the gongs when playing together will entrain with each other, creating wave upon wave of tones and harmonies, creating a sound envelope which fills the room with a thick sound plasma, with all other sounds completely dissolved, allowing the fullness of the sound to become total sound. These sounds can penetrate the whole body causing all cells to reverberate, affecting every part of our being, allowing for deep transformational changes and healing to take place.

Please do NOT attend if you are under the influence of recreational drugs or alcohol.

It is really important that this request is observed, there are numerous good reasons for this and your entry will be refused if you choose to ignore this request.

Your experience will involve:

Being asked to lie on a Mat, soft bed or treatment couch. If you have back problems or it is not possible for you to lie down then you can request to sit in a chair.

Just lying down, be open and receive, you wont be expected to do anything

Absorbing the sound and vibrations of gongs and sounds made by other complementary instruments.

A caring, safe and supportive space during and after your session

General aspects that are important to be aware of:

To maximise your experience When attending a group soundscape please note that once the session has started, doors will be closed and any late arrivals will not be permitted to come in.

Payment will be required in full when booking.

After your soundscape:

Keep warm and Drink plenty of water, this will help your body flush any toxins out of your system.

Take a little exercise each day if you are able.

Allow the effects of the soundscape time to work – you may feel immediately better in some ways, or this could take several days or a number of sessions.

You may feel worse before you feel better as the sounds may have brought things to the surface that you require to deal with both physical and emotionally. This can be part of the detoxification process.

After your session don’t over do it, allow your body time to catch up and integrate the healing. Be kind to yourself and rest

If you have any questions after your session please get in touch and we can discuss this.

Contraindications must be considered before booking and attending a soundscape

If you are affected by any of the following, we can have a discussion to explain why this list has to be considered. If you have any concerns, it might be wise to talk with a medical professional for qualified guidance.

  • Severe Mental illness
  • Severe Osteoporisis
  • Recent Hip / joint Operations – first six weeks while bones are nitting back together
  • Epilepsy
  • Pacemakers
  • Bone fractures within the first six weeks
  • Advanced Stages of cancer
  • Menieres Disease
  • Tinnitus – can wear earplugs or lie at back of room
  • Pregnancy – first three months
  • Coughs and colds
  • Hearing aids – generally recommended that people remove their hearing aids beforehand as some sound frequencies can cause hearing aids to buzz or whistle.
  • Snoring – we usually ask people’s permission at beginning of a group soundscape to gently touch anyone next to them who is snoring, so not to disturb others.

People under 16 – will need to be accompanied by a parent or guardian. Or written permission from parent or guardian will be asked for.

If you have any of the above or any other conditions that you are unsure about please get in touch and we can discuss if possible for you to attend a treatment session or group session.

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