Izzbe soundscapes present an opportunity to experience the wonder of the extensive tones and vibrations that emanate from a range of gongs, combined with carefully chosen and appropriately tuned complementary acoustic tools, to fully complete the uplifting journey that can be experienced

Our soundscapes are always presented and conducted by a fully qualified practitioner who will have been properly trained and been certified by one or both of the leading global teachers, Shelia Whittaker, The College of Sound and Preet Kaur KYTA

All soundscape sets are always acoustically engineered to ensure that the vibrations and tones are properly harmonised to the surroundings, guaranteeing that each and every attendee enjoys a rich, beneficial sound and vibration immersion.

Izzbe events are new to the South West, presently available at one new location, carefully chosen to ensure a very minimal external sound disruption, with comfort facilitates, good parking and easy to get to.

It is of paramount importance for us to make sure that every part of the experience is completely enjoyable, we therefore have provided some guidance for you to be properly prepared and leave refreshed and uplifted, please read this guidance before booking and attending.

It is requested that you read and consider the information provided, Izzbe terms and conditions and contraindications. This information must be read before booking and attending any soundscape and can be found both here; Soundscape attendance and guidance information and at the head of the booking form. Thank you.

We are currently designing the optimal booking system to encompass essential information before completing a booking to avoid disappointment, the current payment form is therefore not activated. Please bare with us while this facility is properly configured. Thank you.

My Sleepy Hollow

Tuesday 23rd of July 2024

Rising Sun

Seven Stones


PL17 8JB

What 3 words – ///foresight.flaunting.leap


£15 per person

Please Note;

This is a small event and is limited to 8 places

ONLY 3 PLACES LEFT – 12th July

Please use the booking form below.

It is important to read and understand the attendance requirements before booking any soundscape. Our full guidance can be found here; Soundscape attendance and guidance information

Arrival time policy – please read

Please understand, we are compelled to be strict in applying the following to ensure we are able to present high quality events that proceed as designed.

We would like to ensure that everybody who books and attends, fully enjoys the experience without interruption. To guarantee this as far as reasonably possible, we close the doors no later than five minutes past the published start time to ensure no late arrivals enter the venue and spoil the set.

A soundscape is not like attending a band set or a yoga or dance class, it has a very carefully structured flow that is designed to gently introduce the participants to the full potential of the vibrations and sounds. Unfortunately, an interruption due to late arrival will very likely destroy the set for the attendees already beginning the journey, which is not fair.

For many good reasons, we will not delay the start of an immersion beyond a maximum of ten minutes past the published start time. If you have booked and for good reason find yourself slightly delayed, and can make contact by emailing soundscapes@izzbe.org, the other attendees will be asked if a delay will impinge on other plans they may have made following the Soundscape.

If you do arrive after the doors have been closed, please do not attempt to gain somebody’s attention by knocking on doors or windows as this will spoil the event for all other attendees.

We really would love to be able to accommodate every eventuality that may prevent an attendee from arriving on time, but given the nature of many influential factors we are bound to maintain the time schedule of each event as published.

Refunds policy – please read

Please be aware that to maximise the experience for all attendees we limit the number of places to ensure no overcrowding, which means that each venue’s events are tightly tuned to the overall expenses, therefore cancellation refunds are not offered.

In the unlikely event that Izzbe Soundscapes is prevented from providing any event as advertised, a full refund will be made.

In the unlikely event that an Izzbe Soundscape, after being set up and commenced and then terminated by events beyond Izzbe Soundscapes control, all participants will be offered a place at a future event

Transfer policy – please read

Due to the widespread practise of ticket fraud, particularly via platforms such as Facebook, transfer of tickets by sale is prohibited to prevent disappointment at the door of the event.

Please do not buy tickets for places at Izzbe Soundscapes from any other source other than this website. Attendees may be asked to provide purchasing details at the door which contains information that verifies the purchase, no verification means no entry.

Gifting is possible with prior arrangement by emailing soundscapes@izzbe.org but must be agreed no less than seven days from the event date.

Contraindications must be considered

Before booking and attending a soundscape there are a few contraindications that must be considered before booking and attending any soundscape!

If you are affected by any of the following, we can have a discussion to explain why this list has to be considered. If you have any concerns, it might be wise to talk with a medical professional for qualified guidance.

  • Severe Mental illness
  • Severe Osteoporisis
  • Recent Hip / joint Operations – first six weeks while bones are nitting back together
  • Epilepsy
  • Pacemakers
  • Bone fractures within the first six weeks
  • Advanced Stages of cancer
  • Menieres Disease
  • Tinnitus – can wear earplugs or lie at back of room
  • Pregnancy – first three mouths
  • Coughs and colds

Hearing aids – generally recommended that people remove their hearing aids beforehand as some sound frequencies can cause hearing aids to buzz or whistle.

Snoring – we usually ask people’s permission at beginning of a group soundscape to gently touch anyone next to them who is snoring, so not to disturb others.

People under 16 – will need to be accompanied by a parent or guardian. Or written permission from parent or guardian will be asked for.

If you have any of the above or any other conditions that you are unsure about please get in touch and we can discuss if possible for you to attend a treatment session or group session.

If you have any concerns, please email: soundscapes@izzbe.org

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We are currently designing the optimal booking system to encompass essential information before completing a booking to avoid disappointment, the current payment form is therefore not activated. Please bare with us while this facility is properly configured. Thank you.